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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Potter Art

Today I saw this cool piece of book art, coincidentally made from one of my favorite fantasy series.

Expecto Patronum! by Emily K.

In addition to being so neat visually, and I love the colors, I really liked what the artist had to say about the concept of book art, specifically the destruction-creation debate.

As quoted on Emily K.'s tumblr:
Q: How can you cut up Harry Potter, you monster, you piece of slime…
A: I wanted to make an illustration of something I loved, plus the world has no shortage of these books.

I don't know if the fact that there are millions of copies of Harry Potter in print is justification for slicing one up, but I do like the idea that an artist would turn a book into art because he or she loved the material so much. If a book is a huge source of inspiration, emotion, or joy, for an artist to include it in their work, or adapt it to become their work, seems perfectly natural.

Emily K. also has some fun illustrations to look through on deviantART.

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