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Friday, January 6, 2012

Coming back

It's hard to reach the end of a break. While a part of me is excited for new classes, new professors, and hopefully getting a little bit closer to figuring out what I want to do in this profession, it's still difficult to switch back from vacation mode to the reality of school.

It's incredibly refreshing to have a couple of weeks where there are no deadlines or papers, or even scheduled classes (or jobs) to attend. You can just sleep in, hang out, and fill your time with afternoons curled up reading a new book or late nights playing video games. Unfortunately (perhaps) this hiatus from real life is all too brief, and now we find ourselves forced to, once again, get used to the idea of alarm clocks, homework, and before we know it, another round of finals.

Life as a student is pretty darn fantastic, even when you're not on holiday, but anyone who says a three week winter break is not one of the major perks of being a student is totally lying. While I know that I have some great courses lined up and will probably really enjoy the first few weeks of classes (before the sleep deprivation catches up with me and the long hours logged at the library stop feeling so scholarly), I am sad to watch the last few days of vacation slip by...

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