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Monday, January 23, 2012

Google+ Followup

Following up on a post I did a while back about the integration of Google services, specifically Gmail and Blogger with the (still fairly) new Google+. The most recent development on this issue is the appearance of a new Google account sign up form that requires specific user identifying information and participation in Google+ and Gmail. Lifehacker describes a couple of ways to get around these new requirements, but points out that these methods may not last forever. While this is a small step towards mandated syncing of Blogger accounts with Google+ identities (for the time being you can still create an anonymous Blogger account, or Google Calendar account, etc.), many will find it a concerning one nonetheless.  I think Lifehacker succinctly sums up the probable reception of this minor change: as a perceived example of Google's "intrusiveness and user-unfriendliness."

The Lifehacker article concludes with another (more dramatic) solution to the reluctance to disclose personal details to one of the Internet's biggest superpowers: alternatives to Google services on the web.

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