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Friday, February 3, 2012

Unique shelves

Bookshelves. Something you find in probably almost every house, apartment, and dorm room across America. Usually not the most decorative piece of furniture in the room; an item that is owned more for its utility than its visual appearance. And there's nothing wrong with that, since the books that the shelves hold are, after all, the main event. But there's no law that says your bookshelf can't be a little bit more interesting...

Not all bookshelves have to be made of wood (or fake wood-like substances). They don't even need to stick to one wall.

If you're running low on space, look for unexpected places to store all those books you accumulated in grad school. How about the ceiling?

 Or what about a bookshelf that doubles as a door?

 (I like the way it isn't really trying to be a "hidden door" bookcase, rather the bookshelves are just an additional element built into an ordinary door.)

And probably my favorite: bookshelf staircase!!

Here's another (maybe slightly more practical) variation:

But practicality is overrated more times than not. I wonder if you could somehow merge the two designs together...

It's definitely decided. I don't have enough bookshelves in my life.

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