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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mind Games

A fun mind exercise, but harder than it looks...

I thought this was pretty neat, sort of like a literary optical illusion. A couple of random observations:
  • I think it's much easier to read the colors (instead of the words) when you read them in three vertical columns instead of left to right.
  • When reading across a line, the first word is usually easiest to say correctly. I tend to get caught up on the second or third.
  • For whatever reason, the color blue is by far the easiest for me to articulate quickly and smoothly.
It's so cool that our brains are able to instantaneously sift through the bombardment of stimuli they receive every second of the day to make sense of words and colors and language. Colors are really completely arbitrary conventions: abstract concepts, a whim of the human desire to classify and categorize. But without that desire, there would probably be no library science profession.

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