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Monday, October 17, 2011

What do you love?

An interesting, somewhat new Google feature, "What do you love?" is essentially a multi-search function which allows you to simultaneously search across various Google services (Google images, Google books, Youtube, etc.) The actual practicality of the tool is questionable, but maybe "What do you love?" is giving us a glimpse of what's ahead for Google. As attempt to make their different platforms seem more cohesive, this product has some shortcomings: it doesn't seem to be able to detect when certain services might be more appropriate for specific queries, and the constant plugs for Gmail and Google Voice are annoying. But it's always interesting to see what Google is coming up with next. "What do you love?" can be seen as Google's next step towards the perfect search engine, or, perhaps, world domination.

But it is rather fun to play around with. Ever needed to "scour the earth for radioactive materials?" (with Google Earth) or "measure the popularity of birdhouses on the web?" (with Trends) or "explore crime in 3D?" (with SketchUp) or "find Doctor Who nearby?" (with Google Maps). Well, if so, Google's got you covered.

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